Top 10 Reasons to Travel to Romania

You’re maybe planning to travel to Romania, but you have no idea where to start? Or perhaps even the name sounds a bit too exotic? We’re sure you’ve heard some stories about Dracula or Ceausescu, about the communist orphanages or maybe about some soccer players.

But we’re also sure that you want to know the real story of Romania, one of the most beautiful and authentic countries in Europe. Spoilers alert, Romanians hate Dracula.

Because we know how annoying it’s to browse endlessly to find the right info, we have a list of 10 reasons why you should travel to Romania as soon as possible.


1. You'll never get bored in Romania

travel to Romania


We often say to our tourists that Romania is a complex and complete travel destinations. You have countless options, from extreme adventures to long museum visits.

The variety of landscapes coupled with its many and diverse cultural and historical attractions make Romania the perfect destination for everyone.


2. Romania is authentic

Authenticity has become almost an obsession of the developed world. Everything must be authentic, to have a story and a purpose or at least that’s the marketing approach. We know that many times this is simply not possible. But we also know that in Romania’s case it is.

You’ll visit few other European countries so authentic as Romania whether you think of well-preserved traditions or weird and funny events.

If you were ever stuck in traffic because a priest and his followers ask God for rain in the middle of the road, you know what we mean.


3. Romania is more than you imagine

travel to Romania

Romania is more than a destination. It’s a sum of experiences, some curious, other astonishing and memorable. One way or the other, it’s not the place to leave you indifferent. We know this for a fact.

Many people travel to Romania expecting something completely different from what they find. It takes only a few days for them to change their mind completely.


4. The history of Europe in a nutshell

It’s not possible to sum up in a few lines thousands of years of history, but we can tell you this: the territory of today’s Romania was a province of the Roman Empire, it was invaded by the migratory tribes, and eventually it evolved into separate regions that for centuries faced Ottoman attacks.

After hundreds of years of instability and conflicts between its three neighboring empires, the Romanian provinces finally united in the 19th century when a German prince was called to rule Romania.

Some of the most violent episodes of the World Wars happened here.

An illegitimate and oppressive communist regime was installed by the Soviet army. We had two of the worst communist dictators and one of the harshest regimes behind the Iron Curtain.

Many impressive monuments survived all these episodes and are today the must-see historical attractions of Romania.


travel to Romania Corvin Castle


5. The Carpathians and the Danube Delta

. DRomania almost has it all when it comes to nature. Almost because the authorities still lack a strong approach towards its protection. But that’s not something to worry you during your vacation.

The Carpathians, occupying almost ​one-third of the country, and the Danube Delta, one of the highest biodiversity areas in the world, are the highlights.

travel to Romania Carpathians

In one vacation, you can hike in the Carpathian wilderness and watch birds in the wetland paradise of the Delta. It doesn’t get better than this for nature enthusiasts. Don’t wait too long for your travel to Romania.


6. Rural Romania

Rural and traditional Romania is one of the original and priceless attractions of the country. The slow-paced life of some villages will seem almost surreal if your life is ruled by tablets, laptops, smartphones, or deadlines.

In these places, all our contemporary commodities are nonsense unless they milk the cow or work the fields by themselves.

Check our Rural Tour in Transylvania.

travel to Romania


7. You’ll eat like a Romanian

Romanians eat way too much, and many of them keep saying that meat is their favorite vegetable. While meat is omnipresent in the traditional recipes, you’ll do just fine as a vegetarian.

Sure, almost everyone will be amazed that you can survive like that. Don’t take it personally, most Romanians think of salads only as side dishes.

While the bad news is that you’ll sure add far more calories than you should to your daily diet, the good news is that it’s worth it. Romanian food is divine.


8. Romanians are welcoming

Romanian people enjoy showing off their country, towns, villages, and even their homes to tourists. Maybe it’s because of all the decades of communism when interaction with foreigners was inexistent for most of them.

Don’t be surprised if in a small village people will say hello even if they don’t know you. Or if you ask about directions in a city and you end up with a list of places to see.


9. A reasonable-priced vacation

You don’t need to save, at least not a lot, to afford a vacation in Romania. Compared to France or Italy, it will seem like a treat for your wallet.

Still, don’t believe that everything is a bargain. Gas is more expensive than in some European countries, and this will be a major expense if you plan to drive around Romania.

On the bright side, good accommodation and good food are more than reasonably priced by European standards.


10. Romania is safe

Many negative stereotypes about Romania are linked to the early 1990s when things were a bit blurry for our society. Time passed, and we moved on to ​become a safe country to visit and live in. In fact, according to SOS International, Romania is a low-risk country to visit in 2019. We bet it will be the same in 2020.



We hope our list of reasons to travel to Romania will answer some of your questions and clear your doubts. You can be sure Romania will surprise you whether you expect it or not.

If you want to know more about Romania and its attractions, check our travel website


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