Heritage Tours

Our Heritage Tours are multi-day tours with a focus on history and culture, created for curious travelers who wish to explore ancient ruins, visit centuries-old churches and monuments, and uncover remote places where traditions are still preserved.

We can always modify the existing tours or design new ones just for you.

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7 days

Our Tour of Communist Romania is an original history-focused tour about one of the harshest regimes behind the Iron Curtain.

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3 days

This three days tour is the perfect option if you’re based in Iasi and would like to explore some of the most beautiful attractions in Bucovina and Eastern Romania.

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5 days

A special tour of the most beautiful Romanian castles and palaces, from medieval times to the legacy of the royal family from Sinaia, Bran, Bucharest and Balchik.

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6 days

This tour will take you on a personalized discovery of the legacy of medieval prince Vlad the Impaler who over the centuries inspired the myth of Dracula.

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10 days

A tour of the most representative UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Romania and a cultural journey across centuries of human creation.

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