Nine Tips to Help You Plan A Vacation in Romania

Is Romania on your short travel list for a while or you’re just thinking about it for the first time? Either way, we have a few tips that we’ll help you plan an amazing vacation in Romania.

First is first, be sure you don’t need a visa to visit. If you’re a citizen of the EU, the US, and other countries, you don’t have to deal with this formality. If you have doubts on whether you need or not the visa, check the detailed information on the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Now that you got this essential aspect covered, you can start organizing your vacation in Romania.


How much time?


Romania is a medium-sized country with a diversity of attractions and landscapes but with a deficient road infrastructure. You can almost never move as fast as Google Maps suggests, and you shouldn’t plan a daily packed itinerary based on its estimations.

We suggest you plan at least one full week, minus arrival and departure days, and spend all of it in one single region, for example, Transylvania. Even if you cannot cover the entire area in seven days, you can visit at least memorable cities like Brasov and Sibiu, explore traditional villages, and maybe even plan for a day hike.

Don’t plan for drives longer than 150 km per day as this distance can take even three hours to cover in some cases.

As tempting as it might be to try to see everything on Trip Advisor’s top attractions list, it’s not feasible nor fun.


Bucharest Atheneum Vacation in Romania

When to visit

Vacation in Romania


While you can enjoy a city break at any time of the year, if you’re planning to spend a longer time in Romania, we recommend you come between April and late October. Unless you are planning for a winter adventure of course.

Romania has a temperate climate with all the four seasons in place even though in recent years springs and autumns are shorter than usual. Summers are hot and winters are generally cold. January and February are the most likely months for snowy and freezing days.

April is a typical spring month with rainy days but also with wonderful landscapes of flowering trees and vegetation emerging everywhere you look. May usually offers perfect temperatures for traveling around the country, not to mention that kids are still in school which means fewer visitors and more peace.

Summer months are dry in the cities but with frequent thunderstorms in the mountainous areas. Early autumn comes with very pleasant temperatures, and September is a great time to take a vacation in Romania.

Where to start?

Like we mentioned earlier, Romania has many must-see attractions and landscapes, and the list is even longer if you’re planning to skip the most visited sites, Peles Castle and Bran Castle, and explore more off the beaten track locations.

Be sure to ask yourself what it is really that you want to uncover about Romania. Is it its history and culture, its nature and wilderness, or maybe you’d rather interact with the locals and discover communities of people who share your passions?

You don’t have to do the touristy stuff, but you don’t have to get lost on a dirt road looking for ruins either. Just choose the types of experience that interest you the most.

For inspiration, you can always check our travel magazine

Carta Abbey Vacation in Romania

How many places can you visit?

It all depends on how much time you’ll take for your vacation in Romania, but as we said earlier, don’t organize a fully-packed itinerary that will keep you driving more than enjoying the destination and what it has to offer.

We know you want to visit the Merry Cemetery and watch birds in the Danube Delta in the same vacation, but it’s not possible unless you stay at least some 10 days.

Don’t be confused by travel offers that promise more than possible. In the end, you don’t want to spend half of each day in the car.

Check our tours of Transylvania to get an idea of how much you can see and do in one week.


Vacation in Romania


How to get there?

The fastest way is to fly to Romania, and many times this is the best way to travel across the country as well. Booked in time, domestic flights are the most comfortable and rapid option if you need to cover longer distances.

You can check here a detailed list of all international and domestic flights from and to Romania.

How to get around

It all depends on where in Romania you’re going to stay longer. If you’re based in cities like Bucharest, Brasov, or Cluj-Napoca, you can use public transportation or Uber services.

If you’re planning for day tours or multi-day trips, you’ll most likely need to rent a car unless you’re traveling from just one city to another. In this case, the train will do as well even though it’s not very fast.


vacation in Romania

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Where to stay?

We recommend local guest houses as a first choice if you wish to have a more personal and authentic experience. Hotels are a solid option for Bucharest, vacation apartment rentals being another popular choice for most urban destinations in Romania.

You can find here a list of great accommodation suggestions.

How much will it cost?

The budget for your vacation in Romania depends on how long it will be, what kind of accommodation you choose, and the type of transportation you prefer. These aspects influence the overall budget much more than food-related costs, entrance fees, or occasional shopping.

For two people, you can plan a 120 Eur/day budget to cover one night at a 3 stars guest house and two restaurant meals.


Vacation in Romania Densus


Independent travel or guided tours?

Romania is a safe destination, and there is no problem in traveling by yourself especially if you want to see the main destinations.

Nonetheless, if you wish to go beyond the mainstream attractions, and if you want to make the best out of your time, consider the option of a guided tour.

Our private and tailor-made tours are designed so that you can have the perfect balance between the time spent visiting and the quality time you get to have by yourselves every day.

Contact us for any request you might have about visiting Romania. We’re happy to help even if you just need advice.


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