Romania Travel Tips: Important Details to Plan Your Vacation


We know that Romania is still an exotic destination for many and that travel information is often contradictory. This is why we prepared a list of useful Romania travel tips.

When to visit

The best time to visit is between Mid-April and late October when the weather allows us to plan longer tours. Winter is also spectacular given the many traditions, winter sports options, and great food, but it's more difficult to plan longer tours.

Currency exchange

The national currency is the Romanian Leu (RON). For the exact exchange rate, visit

We recommend you not to exchange cash at the airport as the rate is disadvantageous, the same applies for exchange offices that don’t mention a zero commission rate. You’ll find plenty of banks and exchange offices, usually opened until 6 p.m. on weekdays.



ATMs and credit cards

The banks operating in Romania have a very developed network of ATMs so if you're in the city it will be very easy to find one or more ATMs. Our advice is to preferably use those ATMs located in the bank headquarters. You can pay by credit card in virtually all shopping malls and most restaurants, but have at all time cash for transportation or other unexpected events.


Taking a taxi

Finding a taxi is an easy job in most cities. Just be sure to check the price, and don't accept any services from taxi drivers who are insistent or harassing. Always choose only taxis from the indicated taxi companies, this is the case of the Otopeni International Airport or the main train station from Bucharest (Gara de Nord). Uber is a much better option.

Public transportation

Romania has many train routes connecting the major cities and regions. The train schedules and itineraries are available on Bucharest is the only city in Romania that has a subway. This is the fastest public transportation option in the capital. The routes are available on 



Avoid rush hours in major cities, especially in Bucharest. In most cases, the cultural attractions of any city can be easily reached by foot from the city center. If you rent a car, be sure to take a map or a GPS. Driving in Romania's small villages will be in most cases an authentic experience as, at sunset, you'll see cows and even geese going back home.


Romania is a safe place to visit. However, you should take care of your things and be cautious about leaving your bags unattended.

The emergency phone number is 112.



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